About us

Every woman has a beautiful princess inside waiting to be revealed.

Cinderella’s Secret is a family owed company that offers salon quality products, developed by a cosmetic chemist, and get the products delivered to your door at affordable prices.

By using our products, you can, with very little effort, find serenity and balance and feel completely pampered, relaxed, revived and totally de-stressed in the comfort of your own home - where every woman can take a few minutes for herself, and indulge in our extensive range of luxurious products. All this without having to pay ridiculous prices. 

Are you ready to enjoy the pamper experience you have been putting off?  

Cinderella's Secret has been in the cosmetic industry for the last 5 years, and pride our-self's by adhering & acting on our clients specific needs. Giving them exactly what they want.

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